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Prayer request

Please include my Pastor and her family ( along with our congregation and community) in your prayers, she is not expected to live through the night.  I can not come to tyoe adequately the situation so I am pasting the e-mail I received from my other Pastor...

Dear Family in Christ,
       It is 4:00 pm on Tuesday (Jan.9).  I have just returned from being with Pastor Amy and her family at the James Hospital (Ohio State University).  Her doctors have informed them that Amy is expected to die "within hours or days."  She is able to recognize her family and speak faintly to them.  Tom asked me to share this most recent information with you.  Your prayers, care, concern and love are of tremendous support to the Fauquet's.  As you might expect, Pastor Amy is strong in faith and the Spirit.  She knows that soon she will see Jesus "face to face."
The Lord's richest blessings of comfort and peace be with us all,    Pastor Bill

i apologize to those who have already seen this since i cross posted in a couple of communities
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