muchafraid76 (muchafraid76) wrote in luthseminarians,

discernment process

Hi all,

I stumbled across this site and thought I'd join. I'm currently in the discernment process for rostered/ordained ministry with the ELCA. I'm very uncertain as to whether or not becoming clergy is really what God has in store for me but I'm trying to be open and explore my options. Part of my uncertainty lies in the fact that I am gay. Yes, I understand this is a "hot button" topic and I don't wish to get into the arguments of whys and wherefores or otherwise argue about it here. I already understand the difficulties I would face in regard to the ELCA's current policy as well as how divided people are even within the ELCA about GLBT involvement in the church, period. I merely seek some understanding companions on the journey. May the Lord bless and keep you all.

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