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Prayers for LTSS

This Monday evening a young man, Derick Grooms and his sister were walking across campus when another man, who was hiding in the bushes shot him five to seven times. A classmate of mine witnessed the event. Other students heard the gunshots and ran out to help Derick. Many of the students here are second-carreer people, one of them was a nurse, another an emt. Needless to say, it was a late night for many. Some accompanied Derick's mom and sister to the hospital, others gave statements to the police, others prayed, others laid awake unable to sleep. I didn't hear about this until the next morning.
Later that day we gathered in daily chapel and were given the news that Derick had died. He left behind his mother, sister, friends, family, and a fiance.
Tonight we had a service for the restoration of peace held immediatly after our usual Thurday evening service. Many of the victim's family and friends attended. After we were dismissed from the first service we gathered at the baptismal font and processed out to Arlington street on which the event occurred. We sang, handbells were played, we sprinkled the area with water and incense and for the next 30 minutes you could hear the hopeless screams of the bereaved.
It's not like on T.V., folks. As my coworker said tonight "You can't fake a scream like that."
Pray for Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, for it's students and professors
Pray for the victim's family that they may find hope
Pray for the Eau Claire neighborhood, that joy may be restored even yet as we keep this event in our rememberance
Pray finally, for the perpetrator of this horrible crime and for those who surround him, that the Light of Christ may break through the dark cloud that they wander through each day.
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