Eric Kunkel (lutheranzealot) wrote in luthseminarians,
Eric Kunkel

Talk to me here people

Okay so I asked this type of question in a different group but tried to be discreet about how it relates to me and what the real issue is, which is silly as I prefer to just cut to the point and be blunt so that’s what I'm going to do here. Well first off I'm LCMS. I have a few people who are very close and dear to me who left the LCMS church due to conflicts with the pastor (not doctrine) and went to an ELCA church that they say is conservative and believes in the same things as the LCMS does. Now they are trying to convince me it's okay to switch over to the ELCA church and that it doesn't matter that the ELCA denomination has conflicting views with our beliefs. To say the least they are wearing me down, so I'm looking for what you guys have to say on the subject. Am I actually going too far by refusing to go to an ELCA church because of what the denominations beliefs are and not the congregations? (Distance to a different LCMS church is not a factor or problem in the situation if you were thinking that, as I myself have switched over to a different LCMS church)
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